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Transdev and RATP Developpement, two of the world’s leading private operators in public transport, have formed a 50:50 joint venture company “RATP Dev Transdev Asia” that jointly manages activities in India, China, Hong Kong, Philippines and Korea and explores new opportunities in the public transport sector thereby strengthening its Asian footprint. In India the joint venture between RATP and Transdev is known as “RATP Dev Transdev India”.

Transdev (erstwhile Veolia Transport), with a turnover of Euros 6.7 billion, operates in 6 continents covering 19 countries. It employs 83,000 personnel worldwide, operates 43,000 buses, metros, bicycles, suburban and long-distance trains, car-sharing and ferry boats.

RATP, with a turnover of Euros 5.4 billion, is a state owned French company operating in 4 continents covering 14 countries. The company employs 60,000 personnel worldwide and designs, operates and maintains metro, rail, bus and tramway networks in the Ile-de-France region directly, and in France and around the world through its 100% owned subsidiary RATP Développement.

In Asia, the joint venture company, RATP Dev Transdev Asia, operates Seoul Line 9 in South Korea, Hong Kong Tramways, Anqing Bus Network in China, Metro Line 1 in Mumbai, India and the Manila Light Rail in the Philippines.

Metro One Operation, a subsidiary of RATP Dev Transdev India, operates and maintains the first metro line in the city of Mumbai. Based on Transdev and RATP Dev’s experience across the globe, several best practices have been introduced, while keeping in mind the local environment. Hiring and training a new organization to be ready for commencement of operation, enhancing customer experience throughout the journey cycle, delivering outstanding performance day in and day out, ensuring safety of our passengers and staff, all these figure among the company’s core areas of expertise.