RMMetro - Customer Care - Lost and Found



In case a lost item has been found in the station premises or in the train, you must immediately bring it to the notice of the metro staff present on the premises.

We shall put in our best efforts to retrieve any item left behind by a customer in the station premises or in the trains and hand over the same..

Lost property found in the station premises or in the train shall not be regarded as the belonging of the passenger who finds it, but will be handed over to Customer Care centre or to metro staff on duty.

All property found on the Mumbai Metro Train or its premises, or if handed over by a passenger shall undergo a baggage screen check by the metro security department. The security department has the right to open and examine it before storing.

The Company, without being liable, may remove or dispose any property which in its opinion can cause damage, injury or inconvenience to people. The Company reserves the rights to dispose perishable goods immediately.

If a passenger has lost any property in the train or in the station premises, they must immediately report it at the Customer Care centres at any of the stations and register a complaint.

Alternatively, passengers can also contact us through mail or by calling our customer care to report lost property.

All perishable items will be disposed immediately or at the end of the operating hours, based on thediscretion of the Company.

All unclaimed items will be stored for a maximum period of 90 days by the Company.

At the end of said 90 days, all unclaimed goods will be donated to a charity identified by the Company.