RMMetro - Know Your Metro - Security


Mumbai Metro is committed to promote and propagate the philosophy and concept of security for quality Mass Rapid Transit System, that foster a safe and secure environment for its Passengers. Your security is our Priority we take every precaution to keep your trip safe, but you can also contribute by being our eyes and ears.

All our trains are equipped with security cameras and emergency assist systems that connect customers directly with the train driver in case of an emergency. Each station is also equipped with emergency passenger help point.

Some of our security initiatives include:
1st metro in India with a real time surveillance security camera system in moving train.
750 real time CCTV Cameras inside the station to monitor and keep an eye on suspicious activities.
X – Ray baggage scanners, door frame metal detectors (DFMD), bomb blankets, etc.
A round the clock contingent of Maharashtra Security Force (MSF) with armed security guards at strategic locations.
Well equipped station control room and a central control room in the Depot with trained security personnel's, operating 24x7.
Trained sniffer dogs patrolling in each station.
Discrete profiling of commuters approaching Security Check Points.



  1. Is Physical frisking mandatory for all Commuters travelling by Metro?

    It’s mandatory. Pat down search is carried out on commuters to detect concealed prohibited/ offensive items.

  2. Are Fire arms permitted in the Metro?

    Fire Arms with valid license (Original Copy) will be allowed.

  3. Is it mandatory for all Bags and articles being carried to be screened by X ray Baggage Scanners?

    Yes it is. You are requested to follow instructions given by the Security personnel’s at Metro Stations. It’s in the commuter’s interest.

  4. Is it prohibited to wear mask, helmet or any article of clothing that covers face of the commuters while frisking?

    It is mandatory for commuters to get their identity verified by showing their uncovered face to the frisking personal of the same gender. (Private screening area is provided for Female commuters).

  5. What are the lists of articles prohibited to be carried in Metro Rail?

    Section 4 of the Metro Railways (Carriage & Ticket) rules 2014 prohibits commuters from carrying the following dangerous and offensive material.

    5.1 Dangerous Material:

    1. Explosive substances which possess risk of explosion or fire or both
    2. gases compressed, liquefied or dissolved under pressure
    3. petroleum and other inflammable liquids
    4. Inflammable solids
    5. oxidizing substances
    6. poisonous (toxic) substances
    7. acids and other corrosives
    8. radioactive substances
    9. Weapons, arms and ammunitions
    10. Any Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Enhanced Conventional Weapons which possess risk to passengers or property

    5.2 Offensive Material:

    1. Blood dried or coagulated or decomposed, whether human or animal
    2. corpses
    3. carcasses of dead animals or of dead birds
    4. bones excluding bleached and cleaned bones
    5. human skeleton
    6. parts of human body
    7. portable radio devices which possess risk to radio communication network and communication based traffic control signalling network

    5.3 No person shall take or cause to be taken on the metro railway live animals or birds.

  6. What is the permissible size of the Baggage’s to be carried in the Metro?

    Any baggage or article not exceeding 60 cm X 45 cm X 25 cm and 15 kg in gross weight and should easily pass through X-ray Baggage Inspection System.

  7. Are Passengers who have consumed liquor allowed to travel in Metro?

    Passengers who can hold themselves on their own and not creating any nuisance are permitted to travel.

  8. Can persons of Sikh religion carry a Kripan?

    A 'Kripan' with a maximum length of 9 inches but a blade not exceeding 06 (six) inches, is permitted for carriage by a Sikh Passenger.

  9. Is DFMD and HHMD checking safe for pregnant women?

    Yes, it’s Safe and meets all health and safety standards.

  10. Are Electronic equipments safe inside a X-Ray Baggage scanner?

    Yes, Its absolute safe.

  11. What happens to unclaimed Baggage at the Security check point?

    Security Clearance of the unclaimed Baggage is done by Security Staff and deposited with Customer Care Officer for further disposal.

  12. Where do i claim my lost Baggage / Articles?

    Lost Baggage’s and Articles can be claimed from Lost & Found Centre located at Andheri Metro Station.

  13. How do i register a Police Complaint?

    Report your grievance to the station security personnel’s who will assist you in lodging a Police complaint.