About Majhi Metro

Mumbai Metro One always believed that we are not merely a transportation service that people take to travel from Point A to Point B, but an experience & reason for their comfort and smile. This actually resulted in a paradigm shift in the way local commute is perceived in Mumbai. We as a service provider urge our commuters to spare few minutes from this crazy rush and pause to enjoy while on commute.

Majhi Metro Festival is an annual art fest organized by Mumbai Metro One, which helps us bring the above idea to life. In the last 5 years we have been able to get more than 100,000 people to share their creativity with us in form of poetry, painting and photography, thus bringing the idea of art to masses, making Metro stations as spaces to create, learn and celebrate.

Why Majhi Metro?
  • To create a sense of ownership and love for Mumbai Metro One.
  • To evolve Metro stations as artistic and vibrant spaces.
  • To realize Mumbai Metro One as iconic infrastructure of Mumbai that resonates with commuters and Mumbaikars alike, building a community, Metro tribe and evangelists for Mumbai Metro One.
Journey of Majhi Metro Festival, so far

500 students from art and architecture colleges
150 art pieces
12 stations


8lakh visitors to microsite
8000 Participants
A photo gallery at Ghatkopar Metro Station


3 million people
8000+ photographs submitted
A Photo Gallery and India’s first Art Train

Film Making

3000+ registrations
304 films received with #mymetromystory


25000 entries
A photo gallery, Art Wall and Art Train