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1. What is the process of online recharge for my smart card?
Ans: Step 1: Enter your smart card (CSC) number which is provided on the back side of your card. Enter the Captacha and press on Confirm.
The system will assess if you have entered a correct card number or not, post which it will show the current balance and you are required to enter the amount of recharge.

Step 2: Enter the amount of recharge required. (Kindly note you cannot have more than Rs. 3000 in your CSC as per regulations).

Step 3: Select the payment gateway out of the options provided and click on "Recharge"

Step 4: On the next page, provide your contact details (Name, email id and phone number are mandatory fields, enter correct details to help the payment gateway serve you better)

Step 5: Choose your options out of credit card, debit card or netbanking and make the payment

Step 6: After successful payment on the website, you can recharge your CSC anytime after 2 hours from any of the metro station ticket vending machines.

2. Which Credit/ Debit cards can be used for on-line re-charge of Smart Cards?
Ans:All Visa, MasterCard enabled Debit & Credit Cards of all banks may be used to do an online re-charge of Smart Cards.

3. what denominations can the Smart Card be re-loaded online?
Ans:You can reload the card online in multiples of Rs. 100/- only.

4. What is the minimum and maximum amount for online re-charge of Smart Card?
Ans:You can recharge your card with a minimum of Rs. 100/- and maximum up to Rs. 3000/-.

5. What message will be displayed during the on-line re-charge process?

Sl Instance Message

If you are trying to recharge again from website before earlier recharge is complete on card from TIM

1. Your earlier reload request is pending; please go to the nearest Ticket Vending Machine to complete the reload.

2. Post this reload completion you can reload again on the website.


On completion of a transaction on website

Kindly approach any station ticket vending machine anytime after 2 hours to recharge your card


When somebody enter a figure which is not a multiple of 100

The message will tell you that you can only recharge in a multiple of Rs. 100 and maximum recharge possible based upon your current balance.


If you try to recharge the card which is not a stored value pass

We are sorry the recharge of trip pass is currently not possible on the website.

You can only recharge stored value pass having a minimum balance of Rs 5.


6. Can I re-charge my Trip pass online?
Ans:No, you cannot re-charge your trip pass online. It can only be re-loaded at the metro stations (Ticket Counters and Customer Care Counters)


7. Can I re-charge my smart card once my balance is zero or in case of a negative balance?
Ans:No, in this case you are required to re-load your Smart Card at the metro station (Ticket Counters and Customer Care Counters). You must have a minimum balance of Rs.5/- in your card to do an on-line re-charge.

8. What is the balance amount I should have in my card, to do an on-line re-charge?
Ans:You must have a minimum balance of Rs. 5/- in your card to do an online recharge.

9. Can I recharge my smart card online 24X7?
Ans:Yes, you can recharge your smart card online 24X7.

10. After recharging on-line, what am I expected to do?
Ans:Once the on-line transaction is complete and you have received a confirmation for the same, you are required to visit the TIM at the nearest Metro Station after two hours. You must place the Smart Card on the TIM and the transacted amount will be credited to your Smart Card. Kindly note that you can access the Ticket Vending Machine during the station working hours only.