Green Promise

Solar Panels
We have installed solar panels with capacity of 2.30 MWp at all 12 Metro stations in 2017 and a total of 2,000 rooftop solar panels at the Metro Depot in 2018. These 640 KWp rooftop solar photovoltaic panels at Depot fulfil 25% of the auxiliary energy of Mumbai Metro One’s Depot campus. Annual green and clean energy generation from the rooftop solar plants is around 0.9 million units. Use of clean solar energy has helped reduce carbon emission by around 900 tons per annum. The total installed capacity including stations and depot campus is now nearly 3 MWp. Electricity generated from solar panels is utilised for operations of various auxiliary systems like lighting, air-conditioning, lifts, escalators and pumps, among others.

Water Recycling Plant
We have a water treatment plant at the Metro Depot for recycling of water which recycles 400 kL of water daily and the same is used for washing and cleaning of trains/rakes.

Rain Water Harvesting
We have installed a rain water harvesting plant in depot for conservation and reuse of rain water. This enables us to save 20,000 kL of water annually and this treated water is in turn used for utilities at the wash basin, Automatic Train Wash plant etc.