Conditions of Carriage

  1. Introduction
    1. Nature of these conditions
      1. Operations of Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL) are governed by the terms of the Metro Railways (Operation and Maintenance) Act, 2002 ("Act"), as amended upto 07.09.2009 and the Metro Railway (Carriage and Ticket) Rules, 2019 as amended upto 27.08.2019.

      2. These conditions are issued by Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL).

      3. These conditions are valid until further notice, and apply to all MMOPL services.

    2. Interpretations
      1. "Ticket" includes any ticket, card, pass or permit in whatever form issued by MMOPL from time to time for travel on Mumbai Metro Line I – Versova-Andheri- Ghatkopar corridor ("Mumbai Metro One") for a commuter to gain access to or exit from the paid area of the station.

      2. “Paid Area” is the area beyond automatic fare collection gates inside the stations, as one proceeds to board the train.

    3. Mumbai Metro One Services
      1. Mumbai Metro One services are available between Versova and Ghatkopar with transit stops at the intermediate stations, and at the times and frequency notified from time to time. MMOPL reserves the right to change stoppages, time and frequency of Mumbai Metro One trains without notice.

      2. Mumbai Metro One requires commuters to hold a valid ticket prior to entering the Paid Area or boarding the train at any of the stations for the journey.

      3. All commuters (other than those less than 3 feet of height and accompanying a fare-paying commuter) traveling on the Mumbai Metro One must pay the appropriate fare as shown in the fare table exhibited at every Mumbai Metro One station. Save for manifest or evident error, the deduction of journey entitlements or value encoded in the Ticket shall be accepted as the amount of fare already paid.

      4. MMOPL reserves the right to change the fares, subject to relevant provisions, and this shall be intimated to the public through appropriate channel/s.

      5. No warranty is given to commuters on the availability of Mumbai Metro One service, or any other facilities, or the accessibility of any part of the Mumbai Metro One at any particular time. MMOPL does not warrant that a commuter will get a seat or be conveyed on any particular train or that any train will depart or arrive at a particular time or times.

      6. MMOPL reserves the right, without assigning any reason, to cancel or delay the commencement or continuance of the train or to alter the stopping station or run through any station without thereby incurring any liability in damages or otherwise to the commuters or any other person on any ground whatsoever.

      7. If at any stage it is found that the train, with the commuters or booked load etc., is over-loaded, MMOPL will have the right to decide which commuters or articles shall be off-loaded and such decision shall be final and binding on all concerned.

  2. Our responsibilities
    1. What we will do
      1. We will carry you, on Mumbai Metro One trains, between the stations for which your Ticket is valid. Our obligation to carry you on Mumbai Metro One is subject to your purchasing a Ticket of appropriate fare.

      2. In the event your journey is delayed by more than 60 minutes for reasons other than the circumstances specified in Clause 2.2, if demanded we shall give you a refund as per conditions of ticketing.

      3. We do not undertake any obligation to provide alternative means of transportation to take you to your destination. Our liability shall be limited to the cost of your Ticket and in no circumstances shall we be liable for any consequential loss.

      4. Subject to any applicable restrictions, you may board any train within the date/time/ validity of your Ticket.

    2. Defined circumstances

      Refund of fare under the following circumstances shall be at the sole discretion of MMOPL:

      1. Line closure at the request of the police or emergency services;

      2. Acts or threats of vandalism or terrorism causing alteration to the schedule of services.

      3. Suicides or accidents involving trespassers causing alteration to the schedule of services.

      4. Natural catastrophes including, but not limited to, epidemics, earthquakes, hurricanes, meteorites, volcanic eruptions, explosions, fire, floods, subsidence, lightning, exceptionally severe weather conditions or any operation of the force of nature against which MMOPL could not reasonably be expected to take effective precautions, and which cause alteration to the schedule of services.

      5. Gas leaks or fires inside buildings, not caused by MMOPL or any of MMOPL employees or agents which cause alteration to the schedule of services.

      6. Fires or mechanical failures, due to electrical failures or defects (except when this is caused by MMOPL or MMOPL agents, or as a result of the condition of the trains) which cause alteration to the schedule of services.

      7. Industrial action, riots or civil commotion affecting the schedule of our services.

      8. Unavailability of electricity supply.

      9. Acts of war (whether declared or not), or acts of God which cause alteration to the schedule of services.

  3. Your responsibilities
    1. Make sure you allow enough time for your journey and have adequate buffer for your onward journey post your travel on Mumbai Metro One.

    2. Please always remember that there may be queues at ticketing counters and you should make allowances for this.

    3. When you buy a Ticket, please make sure that it is for the journey you wanted to make and that you have received the correct change. If possible, you should draw any apparent errors to the attention of the staff at that time itself. Otherwise, we shall require you to reasonably prove that an error was made by MMOPL, before agreeing to set it right.

    4. Please make sure that you board the correct train and that you get off at the right station.

    5. You shall not misuse, or allow the misuse of, Tickets, ticketing equipment or any other property located in Mumbai Metro One premises. You shall be liable to make good the loss or losses caused to us due to your actions in this regard.

  4. Tickets Conditions pertaining to the Tickets are:
    1. You may travel on the metro after purchase of a valid ticket.

    2. Tickets are issued with limited validity for travel/expiry of trip/amount.

  5. Luggage
    1. Accompanied luggage
      1. You may carry with any goods other than baggage containing personal belongings not exceeding 80 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm in size and 25 kilogram in gross weight, except with the prior approval of the metro railway administration.

      2. We reserve the right, however, to refuse to carry any item of luggage, even if it has been accepted on a previous occasion or is normally accepted if, in our opinion -
        • it might cause injury, danger or inconvenience to any person, or damage to property.

        • there is not enough room for it.

        • its loading or unloading may cause delay to trains.

        • it is not carried or packaged in a suitable manner.

      3. Please note that animals, firearms and dangerous or noxious materials or any such materials proscribed under the Act, shall not be carried on the trains.

      4. No powered vehicles shall be carried except wheelchairs, which will be carried free

      5. We shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage whatsoever caused to such accompanied luggage.

      6. You shall take care of your luggage while in our premises or on the train. MMOPL shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to such luggage.

      7. You shall be liable for any injury, damage or loss caused due to your failing to take reasonable care of your luggage.

    2. Lost property
      1. Lost property found on our premises or trains shall not be regarded as belonging to the finder and must be handed over immediately to a member of our staff for safekeeping and restoration to its rightful owner.

      2. If you leave behind any property on our trains or premises, we shall endeavor our best to return it to you, but it is not our responsibility to do so.

    3. Disposal of unclaimed property

      Any items (except perishable items which are disposed off immediately), which have not been claimed by the owner within three months of being found, shall be deemed to be unclaimed property and we shall dispose.

    4. Examination and destruction of property
      1. If any luggage is left unattended on our trains or premises, we have the right to open it and examine the contents before moving it to a secure place for further disposal.

      2. We may, without being liable, remove or destroy any luggage or its contents and any other property that might in our opinion cause injury or inconvenience to any person or damage to any property.

  6. Accidental death or injury

    The liability of MMOPL for the damage sustained in an unfortunate event of death of a commuter, or any bodily injury or wound which results in a permanent disability, incapacitating him/her from performing his/her usual occupation, is governed by and limited to the provisions under the Act.

  7. General
    1. Your contract

      The Ticket that has been issued to you is the evidence of a contract between you and MMOPL (whether purchased directly from us or another authorized agent of MMOPL), in so far as the Ticket entitles you to travel on the Mumbai Metro One service with these Conditions of Carriage listed here are final and binding on you.

    2. Our agents

      A travel agent or any authorized third party who issues a Ticket that entitles you to use our trains does so as our agent.

    3. Refusal of access

      MMOPL reserves the right to refuse to carry any person whom it considers is under influence of alcohol/drugs and/or is unfit to travel or who in its opinion is likely to act in a riotous, disorderly or offensive manner and may constitute safety and security risk to the Mumbai Metro One property or to any persons. Such persons may be refused access to, or may be required to leave the premises ( trains, platforms or stations) and shall also be liable to pay penalties as per the Act.

    4. Personal Data

      MMOPL may collect personal data of its commuters from inputs provided by them in the Ticketing system. Such data shall be detained in MMOPL records and may be used for the purposes of (or incidental to) operation, management, system of ticketing, fare and for improvement of the Mumbai Metro One services.

      By providing such data, the commuter authorizes MMOPL to establish communication at its sole discretion with him/ her including conveying of messages pertaining to product offerings, emergency response, schedules, services, promotions or otherwise as it may deem fit, necessary and / or appropriate. The commuter also authorizes MMOPL to retain such data in the records of its office and to transmit it to any of its offices located elsewhere.

    5. Governing law

      These conditions are governed by the Indian law. Any person bringing an action under these conditions irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the Indian courts of Mumbai.

  8. Limitation of our liability
    1. Except as expressly provided in these conditions, we do not accept any liability for any loss (including consequential loss) caused due to the delay or cancellation of any train, or due to the closure of the railway, leading to any missed connection to other modes of transport.

    2. If any of the baggage carried on metro is damaged while it is being carried, MMOPL, its staff or its agents, will not be responsible for the same.

    3. There will be no liability of MMOPL for loss, theft, destruction, damage, deterioration of any baggage/ belonging being carried on Mumbai Metro One.