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Any person wishing to travel on the Metro Railway shall, upon payment, be issued with a ticket (Token / Smart Card) by Mumbai Metro One Pvt. Ltd. or by an agent authorized by Mumbai Metro One Pvt. Ltd. on its behalf.

The best way to travel on the metro is with a Smart Card. This is an electronic card that can be obtained over the counter from Customer Care of any metro station or authorized channel. Smart Card can be obtained by paying security deposit of Rs.50,

Smart Card can be loaded with Store Value Pass or Trip Based Monthly Pass.

The Store Value Pass is an electronic purse with some pre-loaded monetary value as per your choice. Each time you use the metro, the ticket value will be deducted from the monetary value stored in the Smart Card at the exit gate as per fare chart. The minimum recharge value is Rs.100 and maximum monetary value that can be stored is Rs.3000.

Buying a Smart Card will help you save time by avoiding queues at ticket counters.

This is a pre-paid fare ticket as per fare chart for journeys between a fixed set of stations. Tokens can be purchased for a single journey and is valid for one business day, from the time of sale till the end of operational hours of the day. A Token is a suitable fare option for occasional metro users.

Ticket Counter

  Customers must approach the ticket counters at the metro station for purchase of Tokens.

  Customers must then specify to the Ticket Selling Officer (TSO), the destination that they wish to travel to.

  The TSO will then mention the fare amount for the journey.

  Once the customer has paid the fare amount, the TSO will then issue Token/s and return balance amount if any.

  Customers can also request a receipt for the transaction.

Ticket Issuing Machine (TIM)

TIMs will simplify and speed up all ticket purchases, thereby enabling customers to avoid queues at the ticket counters.

Simple steps to use TIMs :

Token Purchase:

  Select ‘English’ or ‘Hindi’ or ‘Marathi’ for language option.

  Select ‘Single Journey full fare’ for your token.

  Select the ‘Destination’ on the screen

  Confirm the number of tokens by pressing (+) or (-). Maximum 6 tokens.

  Based on the displayed amount, press ‘OK’ for payment.

  Insert ‘Coins’ or ‘Bank Notes’ for payment.

  Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for ‘Print Receipt’

  Collect Token, receipt and balance money (if any)

Pre-load of Monetary Value in Smart Card:

  Select ‘English’ or ‘Hindi’ or ‘Marathi’ for language option.

  Select ‘Reload Card’ and insert your Smart Card in the TIM once prompted.

  The TIM will then display information regarding the Smart Card

  Press the ‘Money’ button for reload in multiples of Rs 100

  Based on the displayed amount, press ‘OK’ for payment.

  Insert ‘Coins’ or ‘Bank Notes’ for payment.

  Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for ‘Print Receipt’

  Remove Smart Card, receipt and balance money (if any).

Reliance Metro Website


Through Instacharge, a customer does not need to register himself on the website. A customer just needs to follow 4 simple steps.

  Click on the InstaCharge icon

  Enter card number and code

  Choose the relevant recharge options