Fare fixed by MMOPL under Section 33 of the Metro Railways (Operation & Maintenance) Act, 2002 on recommendation of First Fare Fixation Committee vide FFC's report dated 8 July 2015 is as follows:

  Discounted Fares shall be as below till further order:

• 45 Trip Pass* valid for 30 days from issue date/ reload date will be available at the following charges:

  *Please note that the trip passes are not refundable and the remaining trip/amount cannot be carried forward.

  All the other trip passes have been discontinued for fresh issuance and reload, however, the existing holders will be able to utilize the same till expiry

  Children upto 3 feet height can travel free on all days.

  On Weekends children below 12 years can travel to any destination on a flat promotional fare of Rs 10/-.

Explanations to the abbreviations used in the above table for various station name:
VER – Versova; DNG – D N Nagar; AZN – Azad Nagar; AND – Andheri; WEH – Western Express Highway; CHK – Chakala (JB Nagar);
APR – Airport Road; MAN – Marol Naka; SAN – Saki Naka; ASA – Asalpha; JNG – Jagruti Nagar; GHA – Ghatkopar